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So… I started this article on July, 19th, just to have a fresh memory of the first impressions and the way I adapted in USA. I already have a lot of things to write, as you can see, the article it’s pretty long. (that’s what she said, what?)

We went by plane to Turkey and for 3-4 hours, we searched for a bit on internet, just to talk to our folks and to assure ’em that we’re all right! Lame internet services they have…

We was about to mistake the line for embarking in the plane for Boston, but we untangled ourselves and everything was fine. In the plane, 10 hours to just stay inside, we played games, watched movies, slept for a bit, ate and at least, we got there.

While we were going from Boston, to Rockport, we fell asleep for a few times. It was pretty exhausting, but as I watched thru the window, I was for the first time surprised of the cars back there. Bulky, with a big engine, different from Europe. My first thought when I saw the cars was at the Mad Max series. Why? you say. Because the cars seemed to be old and rusty. But very clean! And to be a little mean, I could say that it looked with the first Mad Max series. I don’t know, that was my first thought… When I looked at a fat guy, coming out of his truck, in the gas station, with his white, greasy sweaty t-shirt, eating a hot dog, with his Gatorade or Red Bull in the other hand, it maked me think at the gas thieves from the movies. Or maybe it was just my sick imagination

Then there was the road, wide, clean. You almost get bored when you drive on such a smooth, pitless road. It was like driving on clouds. And on top of that, most of the road was highway. On left, woods, right, woods, just little stops at the borders of the states, where you gotta pay an entrance tax.

The next thing I noticed was the houses. A lot different by construction than ours. We were looking thru the car window, like an american movie. Just live.

Ok, so we arrived to our cabin in the night, we threw our luggage on the floor and jumped straight in the bed. We slept ’till the next day. We set our alarms to woke up on time and to visit our future job and also to searc for a second one. We didn’t even took our clothes out from the trolley. Well, I didn’t did that not even 2-3 days after that.

The conditions were decent, everything pretty old, but maintained.

The second day we met the people with who we was supposed to work, we went in the city and at the unused little beach. We had to familiarize a little with the city…

The next day we started the program, my friends being housekeepers and I was working on maintenance with an old grumpy Chilean man, but who turned up to be the best thing that happened to us this summer.

Everyone was so warm and sociable. They always asked you “how are you”, anytime, anywhere. After a few weeks I realized that’s just a thing to not just say “hi”.

For about a week, we went on every afternoon to look for a second job. Because restaurants had a more hours program, we went there the most. After every day of walking and applying for a job, we ended up our day with a swim in the pension’s pool where we worked.

It was nice for about a week – a week and a half, until we got the second jobs. And with this, I want to present my second jobs ordered chronological:

1. Folding people at Clean Bee.

The first people that wanted us to work for them was a cute couple at a laundry place, where we worked as people that folded clothes. It was pretty interesting, the two days that we worked there, because while we were folding bags with clothes, we where imagining what fine lady was wearing this red dress or what fat guy was wearing this still dirty pair of jeans. And because we folded clothes, we could call ourselves…


I have no friends

I was nice, the managers were so kind, but we had just 3-4 hours to work and that wasn’t that much.

2. Dishwasher at 40 Paper.

I still remember the first day, where I had no idea how it was supposed to wash the dishes in a restaurant. I had no idea how hot were the dishes after they came out from the dishwasher machine or how hard I had to rub a pan to clean it. Besides that, on the first day I was supposed to work on a training program of 4 hours. It got to 7 hours. I was pretty terrible, but at least, the boys were listening to good rock music. Rammstein, System of a Down or 21 pilots was the most listened bands. So pretty good!

The next 3-4 weeks I learned to make all the desserts when someone ordered one and I also did prep before starting to wash the dishes. The food there was very good. Every employee got to choose something from the menu every night. Italian food, very good! The carbonara pasta was mind blowing! The period I was there was very good, I integrated pretty fast and they were bummed when I told them I will change restaurants. I was pretty sad too, but I god a better offer and if I was coming to USA to make friends, for sure I wasn’t going to leave.

3. Gardener at Camden Hills Villa.

With gardener I exaggerated a lot! No, I worked as a person who took the weed out between flowers. I had the monday morning off from the pension and I wanted to make more money. It was pretty hard, because I had to stay 8 hours kneeled down, hunched, in the hot sun and after that I went at the kitchen to wash dishes. It was exhausting and after 3 weeks, I gave up.

4. Dishwasher and Bar-back at 18 Central.

For a month and a half, I worked as a dishwasher for 4 days a week and one day as a bar-back. The first month was bad, I had to interact with a lot of people, I had to support one cook that when he saw me standing, he made me scrub the wall in the little room where I washed the dishes. Idiot.

After a while, I received the opportunity to work more as a bar-back, with the condition to find someone to cover the dishwasher shift. I split 3 and 3 days with my friend that I came in USA. As a bar-back I learned to mix drinks and to make nice cocktails, to arrange the bar for customers and also to make life easier for the barman. And at the end of the night, I made the drinks stock.

I was lucky because she was very kind with me and took me easy. After all, I managed to make friends with all the staff. Being tall was an advantage in bonding with the bartender (I took the drinks from the higher shelf, while she was pretty short). Hi Sunny! 🙂

All this jobs, while in the morning I worked as a maintenance guy, gardener or housekeeper.

On the first month and a half, I worked in maintenance and as a gardener with this old man I was talking about. A guy that joked all day, relaxed, that worked there just to have activity. I painted, I cut the grass several times, I cleaned and repaired a lot of things in the pension.

Besides being a colleague, Rene was also our best friend. Every time we had a day off and wanted to go shopping, he came with his truck and took us there. Every time we made a mistake, he was laughing at us and called us Romanians, because that’s what Romanians do. Every time we made something good, he called us Chileans, because they’re always smart and they always do good things. He was always happy and along with his wife, they were the most active couple in the area, for they’re age (a lot more active then us, at least…). Very nice people!

Rene Sub-Zero

After this, it came the hell, where I worked as a housekeeper. It was bad… I just had to make the beds for most of the times. Everyone was ok, except for the “boss”. The head housekeeper, a 23 old (as me) girl, with stupid rules. What do you think about the “no phone” rule? Even if it’s used for listening to music. STUPID! There’s no place on earth where you are not allowed to use the phone (maybe in labs or scientific environment no). We’re in 2016 for fucks sake! But hey, hillbillies don’t know that. There was no day where she didn’t had something to piss me off. But that’s how racist rednecks do…

Again I was lucky because, between me and my girlfriend, after a while, a Moldavian guy came to work, with who we had a good time. We were skeptical at first. We didn’t wanted to deal with no Romanians abroad, but he was friendly and we become friends. We hope we will see again sometime in the future.

After all, the working experience was not that bad, I didn’t missed Romania that much, I’m not that guy, but I got much more tired mentally, than physically.

After all four months working almost non-stop, it came the time for a well deserved holiday! We went to New York, the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

New York

yellow line

We started with my most wanted place to visit, Rockefeller Center, we went up 70 floors in one of the most famous buildings in the world. It was awesome! We spent like, half an hour on each side of the roof, to see every detail from the buildings and the cars that we barely saw.

^click for enlarging the image^

We, next, went at Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, where we found the wax replica’s of different celebrities. From Morgan Freeman, to president Obama. I, honestly, expected to see more celebrities, but it was fine. The White House bureau photo shootouts were the best thing from there, where we photographed with the presidential family. And also the 4D Cinema was pleasant.

In the evening, we went at the Empire State Building. The bad part was that we already visited the Rockefeller, which is a very high building and also, the fact that we went on night ruined a bit of the thing. We wanted to visit a building on the day time and the other on night, just to be more spectacular. It was, but not as expected.

^click for enlarging the image^

In the next day we went at the Statue of Liberty! After a pretty big queue of people, we went by boat at the statue island, we climbed at the base of the statue, but was enough. Look who was looking at us from far away:

^click for enlarging the image^

Nice view. What I was the most impressed, was the fact that the french people managed to build a pretty big statue, with interior stairs, which will resist in time, at the end of the 1800’s! Ok, the thing is that I went there with 0 information about the statue, maybe that’s why it impressed me that much. I just knew that it’s another, smaller one in France. The trip was relaxing…

After that, we went at the 9/11 memorial. Now there are two huge pools, with the name of the deceased people, on the side.

We went also thru Chinatown, where we stopped to eat something specific. We left almost the same hungry bastards that we entered the restaurant. But at least, we tried something else. We managed to understand with the Chinese waiter very hard. He understand and spoke English very bad. Anyway, we ended up not eating too much from what we ordered…

Brooklyn Bridge: Impressive! A truly giant piece of architecture! And the way the lights falls on it, wonderful! On the side of the bridge was written all king of little stories, names, quotes…

Par example:

We went at a few other museums, but nothing wow…

At the end, we managed to go for a bit at the Central Park.

^click for enlarging the image^

It was a pity the fact that we were exhausted and we just went at this small lake. It was impressive, for how much we saw, that there were tracks for bikes and runners and the where we only could cross if the traffic lights permitted us. It’s that huge! The nice thing is that in a big city, full with concrete and big buildings, a big natural park it’s the perfect contrast, making New York a touristic paradise!

In all these days in New York, we walked thru Times Square several times. The lights square, the place where the night is more lighted than during the day. Proof? Watch this:

compared with this:

Yep, every side of the building that faced the square was covered with gigantic screens, but everyone knows that.

For this vacation was worth every time I was pissed off of something. Ok, not just for this trip, but was a well deserved vacation. Now I came home with changing thoughts! A few changes in my life will happen.

The classical question comes: “Will you go back if you would have the chance?

R: Hell yeah! But with the right people! You need the right people to live the “american dream”. Else, you just go more for the money…

Recommendation for those that thinks if it worth:

It’s worthy without thinking!! Of course that it depends in which region you go, why you go there (money or fun) and also the people with who you go! If you go with friends, the work becomes easier. Even if you see just them for the whole 3-4 months, every goddamn day. Still worthy!

It’s worthy, for the sensation you get when you first step on american land.

It’s worthy, for the sensation you get when you’ll get the first paycheck.

It’s worthy, because you’ll do new things.s

It’s worthy, because at the end of the period, you’ll go on a trip!

It’s worthy, for what you’ll see in the trip!

It’s worthy, because after this experience, you’ll be a stronger and more organised person.

It’s worthy, because you’ll make some wonderful american friends. Or even more Romanian friends, besides american ones.

Of course, it’s worthy, ONLY if you’re an open-minded person.

The last thing, I’ll leave you with some photos with the view we had at 18 Central, in different days:

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